Accountancy Firm for your French Subsidiary

ECAI has been the firm of chartered accountants and statutory auditors of choice for almost 20 years for companies at all stages of their development.

Do you run a foreign company and wish to set up business in France ? Do you already have a branch or subsidiary in France for which you are responsible for the accounting and administrative obligations ?

In using our services, you are provided with assistance by a solid team of 20 specialists, who speak English, Spanish and Portuguese and fully understand international standards. You can ask them with confidence to draw up a business plan and implement an appropriate legal structure, with advice from our network of lawyers and tax advisors, keep your accounts and carry out your reporting on the subsidiary’s results in the format used by your group, complete all tax returns and, in particular, manage VAT issues, manage human resources in accordance with French labour law : administrative relations with staff, drafting employment contracts, drawing up payslips, preparing and paying social security contributions, etc.

Our flexible services can be adapted to each stage of your entity’s development. You can control costs by selecting the skills you require.

Contact person : Ketty Soued

Tél : +33(0)1 49 95 04 40

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